Major Depressive Disorder

This illness strikes millions of people each year and often recurs.  Some of the common symptoms – sadness, low energy, loss of motivation, fatigue, and tearfulness – can be painful and debilitating.  And suicidal thinking can also occur, creating a risk of death from suicide.  But there are many effective treatments, including medications, psychotherapy, as well as others.


Bipolar Disorder

Although less common than Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder can be equally devastating.  Depression is one of the common types of mood states and can mimic Major Depressive Disorder symptoms. But other mood states can also occur, with irritability, euphoria, and dangerous behavior changes.



Numerous effective treatments are available, but none of them works for everyone.  Thus each person’s treatment needs to be developed based on their condition, history, and individual needs.  We provide or refer for the following mood disorder treatments: